STEMSparX has a fun Project Based Learning (PBL) Python curriculum that helps kids learn to program by real lines of code whilst creating fun projects. They will also learn the basics of computing such as syntax that are transferrable to other languages.

The coding aspect of STEMSparX is delivered straight to your devices via an interactive live AI online learning interface.


STEMSparX has a hands-on Project Based Learning (PBL) Engineering curriculum where users learn to apply their programming knowledge and set-up Arduino boards to create mini projects such as light sensitive night lamps, print messages on LCD screens, create line tracing robots and so on.

The engineering aspect of STEMSparX is delivered right to your doorstep via a fun STEMSparX project kit every month.


STEMSparX delivers an integrated hands-on and educational cross-platform STEM learning experience for Australian STEM enthusiasts.

STEMSparX teaches STEM in an intuitive and exciting manner that aims to inspire future scientists and engineers to strive for the best.

Who We Are. What We Do

STEMSparX is a subscription program that delivers engaging STEM education learning experiences through an online live AI interface that teaches real lines of code and accompanying project boxes that allow learners to apply their newfound knowledge to exciting creations delivered to Aussie doorsteps and devices. STEMSparX effectively combines the flexibility and convenience of online learning with the tangibility, fun and excitement of hands-on projects.